Data 8: Foundations of Data Science

Ramesh Sridharan, Swupnil Sahai, Fall 2019 Notes by Vanshaj Singhania

Fair warning that a lot of the notes I took for this class are pretty bad. I eventually stopped going to lecture altogether because (for me) the examples in iPython were more useful than lecture slides and the actual lectures. Wherever my notes say "See lec/lec0.ipynb" I'm referring to the lecture examples. Your lecture examples may or may not correspond exactly, but feel free to use this notes to the best of their potential.

DateLecture Topic
August 28Introduction
August 30Cause and Effect
September 4Tables
September 6Data Types
September 9Building Tables
September 11Census
September 13Charts
September 16Histograms
September 18Functions
September 20Groups
September 23Pivots & Joins
September 30Chance & Probability
October 4Models
October 7Comparing Distributions
October 14Distributions, Uncertainty, p-Values
October 16P-Values

Note: 5 lecture notes are missing because they were not attended. Lectures after October 16 were not attended and notes were not taken.